Ridiculously small PHP framework

Small. Scalable. Easy. Fast.

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‹?php namespace Controller; use Core\{Controller, Language, View}; class Home extends Controller { public function index() { $data['text'] = Language::get('home');     View::render('home', $data); } }

Version 2.0 is coming!

December 2019

* Improved syntax. * New pagination utility. * Optional parameters in routes. * Added new functions to the standard library. * Improved the language system. * Fixed multiple bugs. * Increased general speed. * And more...

For those who want to build light websites without doing everything from scratch or using too large frameworks.

Good learning curve

Due to its simplicity and easy way to use, it gives you the opportunity to learn it in just one night (with sleep included). Because the best things come in small packages.

With speed in mind

There isn't bloatware in here, if a resource is not used, it's not loaded, simple. Even some of the core elements of the framework can be disabled. Wolff is friendly with potato servers.


You can work however you want, most of the Wolff features are completely optional, don't even worry about it if the MVC is a good structural pattern or not, you aren't tied to it.

Time to go

Still undecided? Let's stop talking and use it instead.

You are at one composer command of distance.

composer create-project usbac/wolff

Command Line Interface build just for you

We know that sometimes create a new page, extension or language can be tedious.

That's why Wolff comes with an useful CLI. With it you can modify the current configuration, routes, make new elements and much more.

λphp wolffie help


ls               -> List elements
mk               -> Create elements
rm               -> Remove elements
set [key] [val]  -> Set a config constant
export [query]   -> Export a query to a csv file
help [command]   -> Get help
version          -> Get the Wolff version