# Config

Configuration is a vital part of any application, the Wolff configuration can be defined in two ways, a system/config.php file and an environment file.

Config file

The config file has the following definitions/keys inside an array that is being returned by the file itself.

The file looks like this:

return [
    'db' => [
        'dsn'      => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=testdb', // Database dsn string
        'username' => 'wolf', // Database username
        'password' => '12345', // Database password
    'env' => [
        'file'     => 'system/.env.example', // Environment file (.env by default)
        'override' => true, // Override config data with the env data
    'language'       => 'en', // Default language
    'development_on' => true, // Development mode status
    'template_on'    => true, // Template engine status
    'cache_on'       => true, // Cache system status
    'stdlib_on'      => true, // Standard library status
    'maintenance_on' => false, // Maintenance mode status


The data of the environment file (defined in the system/config.php file) can be accessed through:

  • The getenv function.
  • $_ENV superglobal array.
  • The Wolff\Core\Config array. *
  • The config function of the standard library. *

* Only accesible if the env.override is set to true in the system/config.php file.

_Keep in mind that the environment key must be written in lowercase for the config function of the standard library and the get method of the Wolff\Core\Config class. Meaning that $_ENV['LANGUAGE'] is equivalent to config('language')._

Config class

The Wolff\Core\Config class has the get method which can be used to get the current configuration.

get([string $key]): mixed


It returns the configuration value of the given key (or environment value if the env.override is set to true).

The key accepts dot notation.

Wolff\Core\Config::get('db.username'); // Equivalent to Wolff\Core\Config::get('db')['username']



return [
    'language' => 'en',

    'env' => [
        'file'     => 'system/.env',
        'override' => false,



In this case Wolff\Core\Config::get('language') and config('language') will return en. If you set env.override to true, both will return es instead.

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